Breaking News!!!
Breaking news!

The Ultimate Driving Ban Cannon just claimed it's 1000th victim. We go live to the scene!

*House of drivingguy* Here is the house that was recently destroyed by the orbital death ban cannon. As you can see it is very destructive and causes mass destruction.
Now back to you random news reporter.

This is all for today and I will end our recording by showing a nice picture of it.

[Image: 18da78f6da7b44769df8f0286cf53e25.png]
New breaking news!

Orbital ban cannon in path of space debris. The UDSA is currently making a plan to dodge the debris. We are currently outside their CIA room as they are planning. *Reported suddenly listens to speaker of UDSA* Breaking news!!! The Orbital Ban Cannon has dodged what is believed to have been 3.0 noobs who had bee propelled from Cape Dann. They were swiftly killed banned by the ban cannon. This is a glorious day for the ban cannon and we will continue to cover events that occur with the ban cannon.
Activating ban sequence in 3 2 1!
Ban complete.
Waiting for next target.
-Orbital ban cannon 2017
Section 8, wow, people just STOP.
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(10-13-2016, 06:25 PM)Jacemcc Wrote: Now back to you villager #74.

This isn't minecraft
Moved to Section 8.

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