The Great Westover Crash
The Westover PD has recently released files concerning a weird crash that happened earlier this year.

Alex, the governor of Delaware, was coming for a visit and US RT 40 had been cordoned off.

However, a few rogue drivers decided to crash the party, and with a couple of Diablos and Busses, they proceed to ram the police barricades and hit Alex's limo.

At 9:00 AM that day, Alex's limo came rolling down US 40 though Westover, with large crowds when the accident occurred.

The rogue drivers managed to crash through the Police Barricades, but narrowly missed Alex's limo. An explosion occurred when the city bus hit a nearby gas station, causing a large fire and the insurance companies to shake their heads.

To be continued...
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Unrealistic af.
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Part 2:

The EMTS and FD came roaring down US 40 and I-76 from Kensington.

The scene they saw was horrible:

Many bystanders had been flung 5 ft into the air and onto the hard asphalt by the explosion, while some had many burns and were bleeding. Meanwhile, Alex's motorcade and guards had whisked him away back to Dover, where he had a press conference waiting for him.

The gas station fire was put out, and the EMTs were taking people away to the hospital when they recieved a call about the Westover Gas Refinery exploding.

The police report ended there, but it says that the criminal was later apprehended and sentenced to life imprisonment
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A Kid into BF1 and other games
I've been around for a while

The hell did I just read.
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