Channel 1337 the noob
Bobert:hey joebob did you know that 69% of people in America smoke dank memes
Joebob:wow man I defiantly care...
Bobert: are talking trash about my fake stories??!?!!!??
Joebob: sees theeey faaakee
Bobert:huh did I say fake I meant 485% real
Joebob: NOO00OO0O0oo you did noot
Bobert: yees I did
Joebob: sureeeee 
Bobert: years I di- 
*cuts off*

*this screen shows*
Requesting move to Section 8... what is this?
- NotPancake

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(10-11-2016, 07:06 PM)PancakeKillerYT Wrote: Requesting move to Section 8... what is this?

lol idk
Section 8[2]

IL-WI DU: Kenosha and Pleasant Prairie creator
makes games and stuff, yeah.

Moved to Section 8. Please note that deliberately creating non entertaining material is prohibited and wastes my own time.

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