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The Future of the Forums
Hey guys!

As I'm sure you all have noticed the majority of the sub-forums here have been hidden away excepting the stuff regarding moderation and appeals. Originally, we were planning on keeping it this way as it seemed to be a common complaint that the forums were hard to use and figure out. The majority of the staff members also tended to focus on Discord and only used the forums for their own moderation stuff. In our eyes, it seemed the best move was to phase everything on the forums out and fully integrate into Discord.

After some discussion, it has been decided that the forums actually could provide a definite constructive place for our community if we cleaned them up, refreshed them a bit, and revamped them. While it seemed as though they were going largely unused, they offer a much cleaner way to not only interact with one another, but also interact with staff. In their current state, the forums are a mashup of disorganized and abandoned sub-forums and we believe this can be fixed and improved.

Within the near future, we plan on revamping our forums and picking up activity within them so we can offer our community another way to not only interact constructively with one another, but also with staff members. We hope that the changes we make will help boost their usage and make them more relevant within the UDU.
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