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What’s is your favorite drink (non-alcoholic)?
Sprite and lemonade because they taste good and sprite has that bubbly feeling, lemonade refreshes you when you are thirsty 

Please put why you like your drink (non-alcoholic)
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Ok literally the only things I've drinked in my entire life were... water and orange juice....
Yes that's it...
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Elk Mills 

This is not going anywhere 
I like Coke.

Nothing a cold Coca-Cola can’t fix.  Always Coca-Cola.”  -Tom Servo (from Mystery Science Theater 3000 S12E1)
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You know what's my favorite drink when I'm a car. GAS BOIS!!
Water and im healthy boi cause thats all I've drunk ever in my life

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my favourite drink is probably battery acid
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CoA w/ all the blood links to I have countries

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