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What's the story behind this building?
There's a rather simple building located on Highway 42 near the North River. It's most notable feature is a poster of a face and text saying "WORLD PEACE". Anyways, what are your theories on what this building could have been used for in the past, or why it was built?

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Erm... Isn't this rather just for detail in this isolated corner of the game, where it abruptly stops to fake land.. ?

I don't think this matters, mate, unless Index has some sort of 'description' for it but rather the none-the-less it's just detail.

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The poster could be a reference to UD Pleasant Valley, I vaguely remember seeing it there in quite a prominent place. So perhaps Index added it as a tribute to PV after it closed.
It’s the mercenary building. That’s where the people of UDU go to hire them
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There is no story, nor is there anything special. It's just a random shed with some graffiti on it.
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