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Why was Red Mill Crossroads created?
(09-30-2019, 09:41 AM)SvImposter Wrote: Also, if you didn't know, Red Mill Crossroads was derived from Ultimate Driving II Classic, thats why it was kept in Odessa.
Oh I didn't knew that.

(09-30-2019, 09:29 AM)poorchoices Wrote: Small unincorporated communities are a thing, you know. An area doesn't need to be big to have a name. Here in North and South Carolina we have dozens of communities named "xyz crossroads" that consist of little more than a few homes and maybe some services.

This is Allens Crossroads:
Yeah I guess in the USA that's a common thing.

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Yeah a bit unnecessary of me to say but on NZ State Highway 73, an hour west of Christchurch, lies a crossroad named Annat. Its not a town but has its own sign saying Annat when you enter it...
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(10-02-2019, 03:58 AM)BradTheHalcyon Wrote: unnecessary

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