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Map expansion
Now for me the mad of DG is getting very small. And i know is the most laggy game but alex could make a options for players with good pc to play the game with more map.

it could be an expansion to galewood marrows and centralia so we can see Delaware route 273
XD ^^

Delancy is getting small for me too, only reason that people say it is "big" is that you almost have to circumference a mountain range to get from Point A to Point B. I would like to see an expansion happen, but not as north as 273. Maybe Galewood.

It would be kinda right, because the upcoming South Harriston map would dwarf Delancy, so I'd prefer to make them equal in size.
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DG has a very high part count, which was why the map was so small in the first place.
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im gonna say that i-80 also doesnt play a role in delancy so if they add an western expansion and not a northern one it could include 1 more exit and another town.

Also i would like a town in the SR 2 and SR 41 crossing

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