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First post here in a while.
Doubt people knew what would become of Ultimate Driving in the future. Alex has made a lot of progress.
NOTICE: If you are going to report someone, PLEASE go to this:
Everyone is getting sick and tired of seeing reports in random areas.
In 100 years, it will be Ultimate Flying (Car levitation sim)
In 10000 years, it will Ultimate Teleporting
We're out of Chicken Nomtauk. Go to Bordenville for spoiled milk, or SEE YOU IN CAPE DANN! Angry

Awwwww. This business should go to da Worstover Islands or da Bethany Bleach.  Wink
Uh, I don't think any of us will be able to see that in our lifetimes.
I like making games on Roblox.

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