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[POSSIBLE] Kent Island Being Larger Than Bethany Beach
People have been complaining that Bethany Beach would be an incredibly large map, but I think Kent Island will be larger.

 1). I assume the size of Kent Island will be about the size of the whole entire Bethany Beach game, because the distance of US-1 in the Kent Island portion is about 3 miles.

2). The bay bridge and the interchange at US-360 adds another 3 miles to the length of US-1 in the game.

3). So, I assume that the distance of US-1 in the whole game is a little under I-76 in Westover, which will make it the second best game for farming.
Who wants Chicken Nomtauk for dinnero?

Well, it is available at Alan Island's best cafe - for Harriston's sakes! Shy Angry
yeah but I-76 in westover is like 12 miles long.

also i 195 in beethany beach could probably  be 5 miles long

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