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The Most Busiest Highways/Roads In Your Area?
Parkway or sr 70 possibly route 9
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Where I live, Plano, TX, there isn't traffic. Well, barely. Most of it isn't rush hour. It's by the stupid drivers. Like 3 years ago, on the six land road to home, a semi overturned, blocking all the eastbound lanes. Traffic was backed up from two miles.
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I-87 and I-95, Live in new york city so yeah, Major Deegan and GWB for sure.
I-77 between Mooresville and the NC state line due to toll lane construction
I-85 because its full of trucks and everyone uses it
I'm back after being dead for a year.
The Glenn Highway and the Seward Highway normally get gridlocked because of tourists looking at whales, someone doing something stupid, someone hitting a bridge, some rocks fall, or if there is a shaky-shaky (earthquake).
I live in a fairly rural area, so there's not a lot of traffic. The road with the most traffic is probably Interstate 89, which connects our area to the cities of Concord and Lebanon. If you're willing to stretch the area out a little bit, NH-120 in Lebanon probably has the worst traffic. Every day at rush hour, the road is completely clogged with cars exiting the factories and workplaces that clutter that road.
Farm to Market 666. I always see a police chase on the road. People use it to get to Farm Route 624. And nobody knows where I live. The triangle.
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