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What is your favorite color?
Mine would have to be indigo. I don't know why, it just looks pretty cool.
black or purple. either one. they look cool.
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Purple and brown would have to be my favorite colors.

I get that this is the most unoriginal thread idea ever but I still like sharing these things
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Red is my favourite colour. It has been so since I was little.
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You see I'm the type of person that likes far too many colors to actually have a favorite, but if I were to only pick one for something, I'd most likely pick blue.
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green is cool and i like some shades of blue
Maroon Red and Institutional White
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Black, dark blue, blood red, neon is no
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Definitely, red. Although, I sometimes don't tell about it on the forums, cause there's always a turmoil of remarks and jokes following my reply. Why on Earth people would associate red with the Red Light District? And with the sexual energy, eroticism, passion and the general social chemistry research about the stuff that is going on when men and women see red. The whole neurological or psychological (or whatever) stuff.. I just like red. A dot.

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