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Welcome to Harriston first news edition
The radio channel thats going to tell you about the last news

Today in the news as the new lambo dealer openend in Harriston
Did the crime grow with many causes like DUI and speeding.
So the WIPD has a plan to stop poeple from speeding and DUI.
So their plan is to have like armored vechiles and spike strips to stop poeple.
If this will help, we dont know.
Also out of a research we know where the most crime is in Delawere its in kensington and the where the least crime and that is in Gerrad Ferry

And the traffic the 95 is very busy there are traffic jams at odessa so we suggest to take the 476 and then the 80
also the traffic in newark is very moderate until the junction 80 where the traffic spilts up.

The wheater is very cold today for a summer and we suggest to go on vaction to a hot land.

Thats the first edition of Harriston news

goodbye and see you next time

the next weeks there will be no Harriston news due to vacation

(btw ik this game isnt out yet but its about to become the biggest city in delawere so i already made a news thats saying everything in delawere)
ready to change the traffic to all directions
Oh, the grammar errors!

What country do you live in?

Oh, the grammar errors!

What country do you live in?
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makes games and stuff, yeah.

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'most crime is in Delaware'

It's really either New York or California
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Good thing he's gone for a few more weeks.

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