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Weird Interchanges
We all know lots of Interstates and other types of expressways, have interchanges. But some are weird or confusing to some sort. Here is a example down below. This is the intersection between Interstate 495, US Route 3, and the Lowell Connecter. US Route 3's freeway section runs from Burlington MA to Nashua NH just so you don't get confused.

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Weird Interchanges I know more about:

1. I-80 and I-81.
2. Mid-County Interchange (I-276 and I-476)[Image: Mid_County_Interchange_2.jpg]
3. Mt. Nittany Interchange (I-99, Route 220, and Route 322)[Image: Mount_Nittany_Interchange.svg]
4. I-99 (was Route 15 prior to 2014), I-86, Route 17, and Route 352.
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