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Funny/Weird/Scary school stories and your creepy/weird classmates?
Some kid in my freshman class was using a Juul so now whenever we go to the boys bathroom, someone has to do a pat down on us. Luckily for me, no one was there to pat me down so I was able to go to the bathroom.
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January-May 2018:

Back when I was an 8th grader, I was in the last year of middle school.  Also, I usually go to the library after school and go home at 5 most of my school days.  Also, I ran into bullies and bad students who say a dirty word to me and make me scream.  One day, after school, while I was in the library, I went on the school-issued Dell Optiplex All-In-One Computers.  After I opened Google Chrome, I entered the URL,  At the time, I was using Scratch since 2016, but have since retired from it in June, 2018.  Suddenly, the browser showed an error screen instead of the website I wanted to enter.  I went to Chrome Web Store, installed the VPN plugin, and tried to use it, but no avail.  Then, some kids, who are using the computers near me, started picking on, disturbing, and bothering me.  I tried to stop them, but it is also no use.  I accessed the settings and found out why Scratch is not showing in my school-issued computer.  However, the authority noticed, and took away my school computer privileges for the rest of my 8th grade school year.  Now my school iPad was my only school issued electronics that I can use Scratch on (but it has since been reset to its state before I went to 9th grade in my first year of high school).

November 15, 2018:

This day first started as usual for me.  Everything was going smooth and normal until an announcement came on, saying that the day was cut in half and we had to leave early because of the upcoming snowstorm.  When it is lunchtime, I headed to the cafeteria, and we were served turkey with stuffing and mashed potatoes with gravy.  My meal was the same as what is served, but I added some fruits and veggies, ice cream, and juice.  When I have bitten into my meal, I felt like it was the grandest school lunch I have ever eaten into.  After lunch, when we headed out of the cafeteria, we were blocked by a gate.  Several of the students reacted as if we were inside the prison cell with a closed gate.  Eventually the gate opened, and we continued the day until we left at about 12:30 PM due to snowstorm.
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Alright, this may be a little disturbing I guess so just read on.

So at my school on Friday, if conditions are good we go outside for "Fun Friday". I was talking with my crush and her friends because I was bored. Some hispanic jock walks up and starts being a rude prick (not surprised at this point, we're all ignoring him). He then takes my crushes phone out of her pocket, then we tried to get her phone back (forcefully of course). In the process, he shook all of us off of him, literally PICKED UP my crush in full and started running. She obviously didn't like it, considering as how she was yelling for him to stop. Everyone knew how sexual this kid was and his intentions with several women at the school (police have been informed on several occasions but the school refuses to suspend him, dude has literally gone to the point of sending dick pics over snapchat), so we attempted to stop him. This caught the attention of multiple people and eventually we took him down. My crush was pinned down so we sort of helped her out in a way. She thanked all of us and I felt like I did something for once.

Also, in the past this same kid jumped his girlfriend for literally no reason.
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