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hello everyone
My name is EpicBigMike, nice to meet you all
Hello and welcome to the UD Forums! My name is Jadhostgamer, a member of the Forums, I'm welcoming you from North Carolina!

If you have a problem, ask Matt, Alex, or any other staff member that is active. In the meantime, enjoy your stay! Big Grin
Hi! I am Jadhostgamer! A person who loves Roads and Highways!
Hello from the hell I call North Carolina!
North Carolinian who wishes to be a New Yorker.

(stats as of 9-16-17)
Money: $303,378
Miles: 2,627
5k+ bounty.
All cars owned except the Ferrari, Can Am and the One:1.
All gamepasses owned except Garage pass.
Welcome from the north, or from wherever you are.
That gum you like is going to come back in style.

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