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In the cities, can we spruce it up?
So, take all of the major-to-semi major cities/towns in the UDU and when they have Parallel parking available usually those spots stay empty  and the towns/cities look empty and deserted Newark, Bordenville, Nassaudale (I live in the city Nassudale is based on and I know there will be parallel parking there too),  Delancy, Biscayne and a few more.   What I'm asking is could you guys (you guys as in TTP/Matt/Hydro/anyone I'm forgetting)  place the shells of a lot of more economical cars in the parallel parking spots to make the downtowns look not as deserted.  Also instead of adding the entire car which would add a lot of lag, you could add the shell with non-see-able through glass so that you wouldn't have to do an interior either.   I think this is something that should really be thought about in the updates/creation of the games.
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I agree, with cars spawning randomly in parking spots and disappearing after 5-10 minutes.
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