Forum Announcement: Rules of the Ultimate Driving Universe
Rules of the Ultimate Driving Universe

1.    Treat all other players with respect. Do not insult, bully, stalk, encourage suicide, or threaten others.

2.    Do not maliciously block the flow of traffic.
Roleplaying is fine, using several trucks to block off the police spawn is not.  Use common sense.

3.    Do not exploit, hack, intentionally glitch, or threaten to do any of the previous.

4.    Do not play inappropriate audio.

5.    Do not exit the game to avoid arrest.

6.    Do not ask to be a moderator or admin.
      To have a chance at becoming a moderator, you must fill out a moderation application WHEN APPLICATIONS ARE OPENED. Do not ask when they will be open, you will know when. There are no applications to become an admin.

7.    Do not spam
      This includes but is not limited to, constantly asking players for donations, pasting messages over and over, using the space bar to create chat void, and unintelligible texts. 

8.   Do not use profanity or vulgar language.

9. Racist, sexist, and 18+ content is strictly prohibited.
       This includes audio, chat, roleplays, etc.

11. Do not argue with staff.
      If you have an issue with a staff member or want to appeal a ban, do so on the forums under Moderation Requests / Court of Appeals.

12. Do not use alternate accounts to evade bans.

13. All Roblox rules apply in-game and are enforced.