Forum Announcement: Rules of the Ultimate Driving Universe and Forum
Forum Guidelines

1) Treat all other players with respect. Do not insult, bully, stalk, encourage suicide, or threaten others.

2) All threads must be posted in the appropriate subforum.
This means moderation requests must be posted in the Moderation Requests subforum, etc.

3) Refrain from discussion topics related to politics, religion, 18+ subjects, or other generally inappropriate or controversial topics.

4) No obnoxious signatures or post formatting.
We reserve the right to edit your forum signature if we find it to be obnoxiously large or distracting.

5) Do not spam, bump posts, or necro-bump posts.
Necro-bumping refers to the act of replying to a long-dead thread with a useless reply.

6) Advertising is only permitted in forum signatures or preapproved subforums.
The Game Showcase subforum is dedicated to allowing forum members to show off their own creations.

7) Keep your posts clear and understandable.
Posts are significantly easier to read when they're written with proper spelling and grammar. Obviously we aren't going to enforce perfect grammar, but keep it readable.

8) Do not disrespect or pester UDU staff members.
This includes asking to become a staff member, arguing over moderation actions, etc.

9) Do not abuse / intentionally misuse our website.
The Ultimate Driving website is meant to be a resource for the community, do not misuse it.

Rules of the Ultimate Driving Universe
These rules apply to within Roblox games.

1) Treat all other players with respect. Do not insult, bully, stalk, encourage suicide, or threaten others.

2Do not maliciously block the flow of traffic.
Roleplaying is fine, using several trucks to block off the police spawn is not.  Use common sense.

3Do not exploit, hack, intentionally glitch, or threaten to do any of the previous.

4Do not play inappropriate audio.

5Do not exit the game to avoid arrest.

6Do not ask to be a moderator or admin.
      To have a chance at becoming a moderator, you must fill out a moderation application WHEN APPLICATIONS ARE OPENED. Do not ask when they will be open, you will know when. There are no applications to become an admin.

7Do not spam
      This includes but is not limited to, constantly asking players for donations, pasting messages over and over, using the space bar to create chat void, and unintelligible texts. 

8Do not use profanity or vulgar language.

9Racist, sexist, and 18+ content is strictly prohibited.
       This includes audio, chat, roleplays, etc.

10Do not argue with staff.
      If you have an issue with a staff member or want to appeal a ban, do so on the forums under Moderation Requests / Court of Appeals.

11Do not use alternate accounts to evade bans.

12All Roblox rules apply in-game and are enforced.